We've done all the work for you, each package is tailor made to work perfectly with the components included. 

Starsinger BGMX1 Bluetooth® Karaoke Machine Speaker with Twin Wireless Mics Party Light

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The ultimate karaoke solution for use with Bluetooth.  Simply connect your phone or tablet.  Supplied with 2  Superb wireless microphones  Use with smart TV's via the internet view the lyrics on screen and use the Starsinger as a mini PA system.


Home Karaoke Machine System with 60 Watt Speakers & Party Light (Order Code Duo)

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Singing Karaoke has never been easier with this high powered system  Features the Adastra high powered compact loudspeakers Built in Amplifiers- Perfect karaoke player/machine solution even  large Karaoke parties and small bars

Connect your phone or tablet & sing karaoke from the internet also compatible with MP3+G Karaoke Songs 

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Complete Karaoke Machine Package (Order Code) Klubpack 8)

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Our easy to use popular Club 8 Karaoke System is featured on BBC TV's Eastenders and is suitable for large home parties as well as pubs and clubs.   The all important microphone mixer with digital effects  makes it ideal for open mic nights from guitars, keyboards and of course vocals.   If you're looking for an all round PA system with the Starsinger Club 8 Karaoke system makes it an ideal choice for all parties Best Seller  



Karaoke Machine + Entertainer PA Package (Product Order Code Entertainer)

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The most affordable complete professional quality system we've put together in 29 years. Ideal for home parties, pubs and clubs alike.   The magic is in the digital mixer at the heart of the system.   Sing with shimmering studio quality vocal effects which gives confidence to singers of all abilities. 

Choose this package if quality of sound and flexibility is important. Also suitable for semi professional vocalists on the circuit  Best Seller  



Topp Pro Karaoke Package with Karaoke Player Music

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This karaoke package gives you the Stunning Topp Pro  Audio/Vocal mixer with professional speakers with built in Class D Digital Amplifiers.  This means as well as some of the most powerful speakers available they're incredibly light in weight  

If you're in Nottingham come and see this system, or just take our word for it this package makes singers smile  



All new 888M Karaoke Machine Package with 1200 Songs (Order Code 888M)

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A professional complete karaoke machine based system with jukebox functionality together with Topp Pro top of the range mixer together with active speakers.  Complete with 1200 songs use at home or for up to 200 + people in a venue.  

Best sounding karaoke package in the UK guaranteed  



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V12 Entertainment System with Karaoke Machine Jukebox (Order Code V12)

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 Our top system for professional use, and is the ultimate large venue system with ultra lighweight Class D Active speakers.

1200 songs included powered by Starsingers latest MFK100 karaoke machine

Designed and developed in Italy the proel brand  is endorsed by Robbie Williams, Jamiroquai and Natasha Bedingfield alongside many other well known artistes  

If you have an unlimited budget and you want the best then the V12 System is for you  



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