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Great fun & its good for your too

Research has shown that group singing (no matter the quality of the results) is an excellent icebreaker and has even been shown to synchronise the heartbeats of those people singing together  
Singing is an aerobic activity and increases overall health. It exercises major muscle groups in the upper body, helping to improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and encourages you to take more oxygen into your body, leading to increased alertness.  that the feel good factor when you've just played or sung your favourite song.

Great for Children of all ages & abilities

Learning a piece of information attached to a tune embeds that information more rapidly in a child’s mind. The majority of children learn the alphabet not by simply saying the letters but singing them.

Singing is, of course, not something that has to be done alone. Learning to work together in a group  can give children a sense of collectiveness and can help children make friends.

Music for people on the Autisic spectrum

Singing, learning new songs allows everyone to discover and express themselves and enjoy music. As a person with ASD I can thoroughly recommend music.  Many of my customers have introduced a  karaoke machine into the family with amazing results not only for the autistic child but as a family reunion with other relatives.    

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