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Karaoke Machine In a Microphone (Order Code Magiking II)

Studio quality vocal recording
Connect to TV for words on screen
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Magiking is a karaoke machine in a microphone.  Copy or download songs onto an SD Card (Included)  and sing with words displayed on your TV.  Sing to MP3+G karaoke songs & change the blue background to animated picture backgrounds.  Record your singing with breathtaking studio quality playback.   The magiking is probably one of the most under estimated karaoke products in the market.  simply stunning gift for anyone who loves to sing



Everything a karaoke machine can do and much more including superimposing background images behind the words on screen

A complete karaoke system neatly housed inside a microphone.  Access all the functions of a karaoke machine including key change, Record your singing, with echo control, music volume.  

A simple easy to use interface allows you to select songs from a menu displayed on your TV Screen.    Compatible with digital downloads and MP3+G DVD Roms which can be copied onto SD Cards.  Access to around 20,000 more MP3+G Songs.  

Songs are stored on the 1Gb SD Card (supplied). Quick, portable and very easy to operate,  this product is suitable for all ages  

Are available as downloads with the voucher

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