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Professional High Powered Citronic CAB Karaoke Package

Citronic Karaoke
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For the audio perfectionist where flexibility and amazing sound pressure levels from the latest Citronic Speaker and mixer combo

Included are four microphones to enhance the package

Compact Versatile Systems that will fill any venue with top quality sound

3 Speaker size options are available to suit your requirements.   Perfect for Professional Entertainers, DJ's or someone looking for the ultimate karaoke system at home or a large hotel

Featuring hard-wearing 2 Citronic CAB Active cabinets, our top of the range Citronic audio mixer with long throw faders for the ultimate user satisfaction.  24-bit 16 program DSP vocal effects will enhance the singer in the stereo field with shimmering sounds. 

All the packages are the same except for the speaker size.  Specifications are detailed below, if you are unsure of which package to choose simply give us a call and I'll advise you according to your needs. 

Everything is included, 4 Microphones, 2 of which are wireless.  Speaker Stands, All connecting cables the only thing you'll need is a TV or monitor with HDMI connection for displaying lyrics for singers.  


  • Speakers:  Pair of Citronic Cab Speakers 
  • Mixer: Citronic CSL 8 Designed primarily for venues and stage applications
  • Karaoke Machine Package: MPK200HX Multiformat Karaoke with Bluetooth 
  • Wireless Microphones: Warrior twin VHF with excellent vocal characteristics  
  • Cabled Microphones: Citronic/Chord Branded vocalist microphones 600ohm
  • Speaker Stands: Included
  • 2 Microphone Stands: Included 
  • TV/Monitor Speaker Stand Bracket: Included
  • All Connecting cables : Included

Speaker Options


Option 10:  Output 2 x 880W Cabinet size 530 x 310 x 300mm Weight 11.5KG

Option 12:  Output 2 x 1200W Cabinet size 603 x 355 x 350mm Weight 14.2KG

Option 15 Output 2 x 1400W Cabinet size 695 x 420 x 390mm Weight 17.6KG.