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Selectatrack Touchscreen System 4000 Song, multi screen option available. Suitable for Bars, Hotels, Marine installations

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Now the industry standard for professional touch screen karaoke solutions,  this system loads instantly with on or off-line content making it ideal in locations that are unable to access the internet directly

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Selectatrack Touchscreen Karaoke,  4000 Song, multi screen option available. Suitable for Bars, Hotels, Marine installations. 

This touch screen karaoke system is the most advanced and simple to use karaoke hosting solution available, designed by professionals from the ground up to be the most cutting edge and feature packed karaoke system in the world. Although the system can be used with a mouse & keyboard, it has been optimized for use on touchscreen devices for a user experience unlike any other. 100% licensed for commercial applications,


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The advanced features yet clean and simple layout are such that the system can be used by pro karaoke jocks, bar staff or the general public, making it the ideal for solution for many different environments, commercial or home. Everything from bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, private karaoke booth/rooms, bowling alleys and mobile DJs to the ultimate home karaoke system for your living room, games room or party room.
23” Touchscreen All In One PC (SAT Player Pre Installed) 
Get the most out of the Selectatrack Player software with this beautiful 23” all in one high spec Windows all in one PC, the perfect device for the Selectatrack Player. All the power of a desktop PC, but with the convenience of a touchscreen tablet. The high resolution screen will have the karaoke lyrics and adverts showing in all their high res glory, the high definition audio with built in subwoofer will help towards your audio setup, the adjustable stand will allow you to choose your best viewing position, and the ten point multi-touch panel means you can use every single finger at the same time and will have even a total novice creating slick karaoke shows in no time! Has all the outputs required to easily send your audio to any audio system and the video to show the song lyrics on additional TV's/Monitors.